Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*A Pigeon*

~The gliding pigeon, fell out of the sky
So beautifully executed, as she drifted low from high
Out of the misty cloud she descended, so effortlessly in front of my eye
It was a sunny noon, yet my sences weren't bothered by the accute rays
For the kind pigeon humbled the sun with its marvelous occupying wings.
The falling pigeon, glided down the sky
She made it look pleasantly easy
A priceless painting in my vision . . . has rised !
And from the deepest, darkest well in my heart
A beam of light . . . has shined !
Thank you my dear pigeon
not only you have cleansed my Soul
but also . . . freed my Mind.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

*Vegas Party *

No party is like a dance in Vegas
Especially when they play a slow song
and the Dj says "this one is girls choice"
and out of nowhere a lady comes up like the shadow of a cloud
then seconds start slowing down
and a life time passes in minutes
and after that comes the sweetest good-bye
no epilogues , living the very midst of reality
for it was a passing reverie . . .
and all reveries have a happy ending.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Waiting Dream . . .

-It's in the afternoon, just had lunch, and there's plenty of sunshine in the sky
-Radio is on, window's curtain is three quarters down, and that unknown folk song playing is making me almost . . . high !
-Someone's calling , fingers knocking, clock's ticking , and all i want to do is lay down and stare with my eye
-A task to be completed , a thing to be done , a tire that might need replacing , a bell to be rung !
-No need for a break , just give me some time
Don't lend me your space , let me have mine ,
I understand your concerns , but don't worry I won't commit a crime !
I'll be carelessly drifting , while exploring the globe
I won't be searching for answers
I'll only be my Own !