Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tish ...

tish ... tish ...
raindrops falling ...
wetting the stairs of my success
tish ... tish ...
no wall to lean on to ...
wish I had her now,
to hold on to ...
tish ... tish ...
I must remain cautious ...
and spare any unfortunate slips,
that could get me unconscious !
tish ... tish ...
hidden thoughts emerging ...
with every careful step I take
I need to start searching ...
before it becomes too late
and find myself drowning,
in the other side of fate !

Saturday, October 22, 2011


you look beautiful...
as if there's no ... tomorrow
as if the sun will remain ... at rise
you look beautiful...
as if the butterflies
will not cease to flare
drifting under
the reflection of your cheeks
you look beautiful...
in a way no painter ... can draw
and no camera ... could shoot
you look beautiful
and every thing around
because of that
I too
starting to look
but not quite

Saturday, October 8, 2011


sometimes i loose track
something's just not right
somehow i feel a vibe
somesay it's how i act
one day i'll figure out
why thoughts are hard to crack
right now i'll just sit back
and watch peoples' mind react.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Leave ...
If well deep inside you
a tear is waiting to be shed.
Leave ...
If the faces around you
have nothing to be said.
Leave ...
for the hymns of joy
are yet to be loudly read.
Leave ...
so the sun can finally rise
and warm the hairs upon your head.
Leave ...
and go to the far away coast
its Golden sand is aching to be stepped~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tell me why I try ?

I want you,
even though good-bye is
near by ...
I want you,
yet something seems to
keep blinding my eye ...
I like you,
but why doing so
is in itself ... a try ?
I like you,
despite my awareness
of your attempted lie ...
I'm leaving,
you can have the rest of our time
for you to ... fry!
I'm leaving,
remember my words
for the sake of
the next ... guy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


كالجندي المجهول ...
...تكون الممرضه
على شفاه المرضى ...
تزرع إبتسامه...
وتسهر الأيام والليالي للإنسان ...
...بلا منامه
تراها ترعى رعاياها ...
كرعاية الأب الحنون
... لليتامى
بأناملها تعالج ...
وبيديها تداوي ...
وبعينيها تواسي
أما بقلبها الحنون...
فتزرع في انفسنا
بذور السلامه.

سقط جفني عليها

يا من سقط جفني عليها
ففتحت أبواب السحاب
يا من هَوَت روحي إليها
فَتَشَرعت بَوابة السماء
وانشرحت فيني روحي الضائعه
و أصبحت هائما في أجواء خيالك
أجول بين غيومك البيضاء الناصعه
وأطير عبر فكرك ... الخلاب
يا من سقط جفني عليها
فيك وجدت ضالتي
و بك ...
ضللت نفسي

Sunday, June 19, 2011

void ...
where myself currently ...
resides !
unsure ...
uncertain ...
unaware ...
of it's empty-full position.
running from ...
escaping to ...
hiding in ...
me !

the world is pretty ...
but no nation feels right.
the earth keeps spinning ...
and no ticket gets me where I want.
a big board filled with destinations,
yet no place where my heart can ... act.
Spent a long summer ... fall ... and winter searching ...
living out of an old backpack.
and when my time was ... out.
to my home ... I came back.
only to find out.
only to conclude.
that no tickets were ever needed.
no rides were meant to be done.
all what myself really wanted.
In your Heart ... yearning to become~

Sunday, May 15, 2011

كلمه بسيطه

بسيطة هي الكلمات ... فقوليها
لي ان كان في نفسك ... إعتبار
وجميلة هي المشاعر ... فعبريها
لقلبي ان كان في روحك ... نفسي
انا كنت و مازلت لعينيك ... أسير
واريد ان اكون لك سجين
خذيني إلى زنزانتك
فسوف أعترف
ولسوف تسمعين
ما كنت تريدين...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

about me...

I may be somewhat poetic,
some have said that i'm an expressionist,
I'm not the best when it comes to being a self-descriptionist !
I like to lay what I have on the table so no need to be very vigilant !
Just try me and we'll see if things turn out to be truly...Legitimate!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*The One*

Are you the one
I always thought of ?
are you the one
my heart has always imagined?
are you my daily wake up dream?
the warm presence that sleeps next to me
the juicy sweet fruit that is ever fulfilling me
the rose-water mist that keeps reminding me
of the nights we'll spend together
joyfully staring at each other
with soft looks, from one to the other
so persuasive of each other
to Love us , and no other
and Live , like never
not counting the hours,
but counting the kisses
not remembering the years
but recalling the stories
of our immense glories
so, my dear misses
are you the One ?!

*The One*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Old Acquaintance

What happened to you ?
my sweet old acquaintance
what happened to your ocean visits?
where your hair would breeze with the air . . .
what happened to your eastern european reveries?
and the backpack . . . of your dreams
Like a Zambian sunrise !
I miss your eyes . . .
Like a broken hearted teenager!
I want your smile . . .
I want it back
that warmness in your presence
It shall forever in my soul . . . last
for my friend is gone
and left me with
an Old Acquaintance.