Sunday, September 26, 2010

هوامش خطيرة !!!

في جعبتي هوامش خطيرة
تسابق لحظات الزمن
و في المدى خطوات طويله
تزيد في القلب الندم
أرى ألوانها تزيد غماقة
و في المضمون ينعدم اللهب
أسائل نفسي هل من الممكن أن تكون حماقة
غزت قلوب الناس وانتصرت؟
أعاني الأمرين عندما تقتصي
و تسألني عن ماضي قلبي المنخمل
سئمت ليالي الوحده والعدم
ولكن ماذا أقول
هل في الحياة من أمل ؟

سرب حمام

سرب حمام
جاء ليشعرني بوجوده
في زمن هاجرت به الغربان
سرب حمام
أتى ليعلمني بقدومه
ويخبرني عن تلك الأيام
ويسمعني ذيك الألحان
ويُركبُ على ظهري بيض الجنحان
لأُحلق معهم الى أعالي السماء
وأراقص السحب البيضاء
سرب حمام
كان مجرد حلمً جميلً جيد الإنتاج
خيالً . . . ليس سوى خيال
كالهديل . . . عابراً للسبيل
كم أتمنى أن أكون له أسير
لأعيش في سجنه الكبير
وأنام في زنزانته البيضاء الناعمه
فأصحو من سباتي لأحلق وأكون جزءً من
سرب حمام

Blue in Green -follow up-

The previous post was unintentionally written in black !! so you'd have to highlight it in order to read it . I'm not going to re-post the poem because the way it is now ads do the scene of the thought expressed ! it is after all a somewhat dark poem and the fact that you have to work that tiny bit extra and highlight it as if you were trying to open a sealed letter that wasn't ment for you to find but might be the one for you to read !

Blue in Green

When the green particles blend in with blue
When my brain builds a bridge between my city of sadness , and the town of joy
When my hand covers my heart to feel my strong & slow pulses
When I peel an orange
I feel the sorrow cruising through my throat
I travel through my spirit , to another world
A world of white dots , in the middle of a big black wall
The journey lasts for seconds
Before I go back to my silent room
I throw myself on the floor
To see the world in a vertical view
I draw to myself a fake white lane
Which takes me to a new state
A state of "Careless Consideration"
A state where you can't think , feel , or see
A state where you can only breath
Breath Life and pure hope.

written on the 10th of may , 2007 , at 11:19 am

H e l l o !

Ok I know it's been 3 years since the first post which isn't a good sign , but i can assure you that since then Life has been very educational and inspiring and i hope it continues that way. The world is still pretty much the same, governments are still fooling around and politicians continue to butt-kiss themselves ! mini-wars continue to rise and stop, newspapers still have scandals available to harvest from and so the earth keeps spinning and children are born while you're reading this post. I'm tired of hearing about global warming or reading about civil conflicts or watching rich famous poeple on TV talking about how perfect and how awesome and how wonderful. It's time for the world to take a break, make it a long one, this will sound odd but sometimes selfishness can be a good thing, poeple should stop worrying about others and start worrying about themselves. Let's have less political seminars and more jazz gigs, let's stop building and start growing, Let's just start waking up happy in the morning and go to work to work , not to have a big breakfast or discuss the latest gossip. Any ways I promise and that is an Arabian promise by the way :p to start accelerating this blog and keep posting no matter what the routine .