Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yesterday's Echos

  *Been a while since
the day I stood
abeam the aquas of Pacifica!
and I can't help
but to think to myself
how did I stop missing ya?

  *Cruised across the back-roads
and through the clear windshield
I looked at ya ...
straight at the eyes I knew,
those intimate things ..
whispers and fingers on my chins ..
were just a replica.

  *Off to the apron I walk
13 grassy steps to the Seneca ..
Luggage is set, a one man flight
far east towards the island of Failaka.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


read my poems 
in which you'll sail away 
on a one man boat 
heading east to the seas of Norway 
read each word 
eat them by the letters 
your appetite, 
will swirl-tongue its way

to an ecstasy 
of whole cream milk ...
and butter;
your eyes might shutter,
that would be expected,
a golfer new to my course
is an anxious duffer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Song of Sorrow

My poetry books ...
scattered everywhere
been looking for the verse,
the right line i'm willing to share

my poetry books ...
I have read them all
not a single poem,
is up for the repair

And the words kept flowing,
out of my mind
looking for that sentence,
that could help re-wind

It's hard it's complicated
Blurry ... & pixelated
my being has depreciated
so i will close my eyes.
My poetry books ...
flying in the air
searching for the right words
before it gets too late

my poetry books ...
don't you let me down
just tell me what to say
your line could save my fate

And the ink started dripping ...
out of my pen
shaping up my story
one that'll help me win

It's bright ... It's liberating
brilliant ... & fascinating
my life is captivating
so I will raise my head.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vegas ... across town

left hand 
on left cheek...
right hand 
on the steering wheel...
smooth jazz

just passed the Stratosphere
rainbow lights,
on empty streets...
mellowing the vibes ,
of my atmosphere...
volume knob twisted
smooth jazz

traffic lights in rhyme
one turns red,
the other already lime...
not sure when to get there
this time I have plenty of time
amid a soft subtle tune,
played by Earl Hines...
smooth jazz

a glance at the rear-view mirror
stars and meteors,
or maybe the Strip and downtown 
garage door opening... 
it's time to shutdown 
volume knob pressed
smooth jazz

Sunday, March 25, 2012

You're sad ...
Don't be ...
It's only a matter of time 
the buzz will settle down
and the people will go back to their homes
and silence will start to re-conquer the living room
and the half empty wine glasses will be left alone
You're sad ...
Don't be ...
what happened ...
cannot go back
what happened ...
something you'll always think about
You're sad...
Don't be ...
you, like every one
had to risk his chance.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm not going to
tell you what goes in my mind ...
simply because,
it will overly astound you.
I will not share
the dreams of my memorable yesterdays ...
just because,
they will only stabilize
fears that long lived ...
inside you.