Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Song of Sorrow

My poetry books ...
scattered everywhere
been looking for the verse,
the right line i'm willing to share

my poetry books ...
I have read them all
not a single poem,
is up for the repair

And the words kept flowing,
out of my mind
looking for that sentence,
that could help re-wind

It's hard it's complicated
Blurry ... & pixelated
my being has depreciated
so i will close my eyes.
My poetry books ...
flying in the air
searching for the right words
before it gets too late

my poetry books ...
don't you let me down
just tell me what to say
your line could save my fate

And the ink started dripping ...
out of my pen
shaping up my story
one that'll help me win

It's bright ... It's liberating
brilliant ... & fascinating
my life is captivating
so I will raise my head.

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