Friday, October 1, 2010

Waiting Dream . . .

-It's in the afternoon, just had lunch, and there's plenty of sunshine in the sky
-Radio is on, window's curtain is three quarters down, and that unknown folk song playing is making me almost . . . high !
-Someone's calling , fingers knocking, clock's ticking , and all i want to do is lay down and stare with my eye
-A task to be completed , a thing to be done , a tire that might need replacing , a bell to be rung !
-No need for a break , just give me some time
Don't lend me your space , let me have mine ,
I understand your concerns , but don't worry I won't commit a crime !
I'll be carelessly drifting , while exploring the globe
I won't be searching for answers
I'll only be my Own !

1 comment:

Hypnotized said...

I like this one 2
it's full of life ( lively )
keep going..^_^